Thursday, 5 November 2015

Privacy Tails OS With Offline Mode For Sensitive Documents

There is a new version of the operating system focused on privacy Tails appeared, now an offline mode features. In this case, all network properties can be switched off. According to the developers, this is useful if it sensitive documents is underway.

Icedove further added, a modified version of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Icedove is at this stage a "technology preview", but according to the developers safe enough to be used in the context of Tails. In addition, in Tails 1.7 also numerous small bugs and fixes and the operating system would have to be something more compatible with hardware.

Tails is a complete operating system that can be used from a DVD or USB stick. Despite all the attention to the privacy Tails developers early this year showed that only 10 000 people daily in the privacy OS use.

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