Thursday, 5 November 2015

Firefox 42 Display Changes Some SSL Certificates

In the latest version of Firefox, Mozilla has decided to offer some SSL certificates for different weather and the warning for HTTPS sites that have content via HTTP. In total, the four visual customization that users via the address should inform the HTTPS status.

The first concerns the so-called "domain-validated 'certificates. When domain-validated (DV) certificate, only the control checks on a particular domain. Firefox gave this SSL certificates previously via a gray lock icon in the address bar. Now this lock icon turned green. In addition, Firefox used for websites with mixed content two icons. In the case of mixed content display HTTPS websites also content over HTTP, which is a security risk. Firefox 42 now uses one icon that warns of mixed content. In addition, there are three different states for the display of mixed content.


Yesterday reported all about the new Firefox version and reported that no vulnerabilities were fixed in the browser. At the time of writing, the Mozilla Security Advisories for Firefox are not updated and also made ​​no mention of the security fixes. Which are now published online. It appears that Firefox 42 in total 23 vulnerability fixes, including eight critical holes. Through this critical vulnerabilities an attacker can install malware on computers where only visiting a hacked or malicious website is enough. The latest version is basically updated automatically.

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