Sunday, 1 November 2015

Fraudulent Android App Appears As A Word Document

Researchers regularly rogue Android apps by posing as porn app or Flash Player, but now there's also discovered a malicious app that will let the user into believing that it is a Microsoft Word document. For example, the icon of the app resembles that of Word.

The file allows users think that matters 'data'. If the file is opened, the app asks for administrator privileges. After installation, the malware seeks to SMS messages and other information like IMEI number, SIM card number, device ID, contact information and other matters and sends it to the attacker. The malware can also send text messages and dial phone numbers specified by the attacker. The app is aimed at Chinese users and is distributed outside of Google Play.

According to security firm Zscaler, discovered that the app is not surprising that PC-based malware techniques appear in the mobile domain, since mobile devices are now ubiquitous. For Windows, there is still active malware via common icons and file names occurs as a document and try to entice users to open.

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