Sunday, 1 November 2015

Less Than 1.2 Million Customer Data Stolen By Talk Talk

When the attack on the British provider TalkTalk took place last week and which two teenagers were arrested, less than 1.2 million customer data stolen, so the affected company has announced. At first it was unclear whether the attackers had managed to access data.

That is still the case, according to a statement from the provider's own website. The specific number of affected customers is not given, except that it is "less" than 1.2 million e-mail addresses, names and phone numbers. Less than 28,000 credit and debit card data of which the middle six figures were removed. Less than 21,000 unique bank accounts and codes, and fewer than 15,000 birth dates. TalkTalk will now inform all affected customers.

The stolen credit and debit card details can not be used for financial transactions, according to the provider. However, as a precaution decided to share bank data of the subscribers affected by the major UK banks to allow them to take extra measures. Subscribers are also advised to get a year's free to leave monitor their credit. In addition TalkTalk advises subscribers to be alert. "Although the scale of the attack is much smaller than initially believed, we advise you to be alert and to take all precautions to protect yourself from fraudulent calls and e-mails."

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