Thursday, 12 March 2015

750,000 Computers Infected With Malware In Belgium

In the first half of 2014 were 750,000 computers infected with malware and Belgium were part of one or several botnets, according to figures from the federal cyber emergency team ( ). A year earlier, there were from April to December are 522,000 infected computers.

The figures for the last half of last year due to lack in July on a different system switched reports that infected computers. Since then we are working according to a new categorization to get a more detailed security image. These figures are released later in 2015.


Not only the number of infections soared, taken on the total number of incidents, there was even talk of a double. This is according due to the widened awareness of the organization, and that more incidents occur. In 2013, there were still about 6700 messages inside and there were over 4,000 incidents. Last year it went to a small 11,000 messages and 10,000 incidents.

30% of the incidents concerned scan called "scan incidents" including third systems or databases for possible vulnerabilities.Slightly less than 30% of the incidents were serious worm and virus outbreaks, such as infections on corporate networks.21% were incidents in which vulnerabilities were reported. It goes according than, for example, "white hat hackers" who find vulnerabilities in systems, servers and websites and then report.

Remotely next phishing incidents (5.5%) and spam incidents (5%). The actual number of incidents and reports is according higher than the currently published figures. "Despite all the reports this remains only a small particle of cyber incidents that happen in Belgium," says the organization.

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