Monday, 2 March 2015

Anonymous Programmers To Recognize Code


Scientists have developed a way which makes it possible to identify anonymous programmers using their program code, for example, which cyber criminals can be contested. The researchers look for this characteristic features in the code.

"Just as writers and artists every programmer has its own unique style," says Aylin Caliskan-Islam , a doctoral candidate at the University of Drexel. They developed the system and wrote a technical report. "Our process gathers the most important characteristics of a person's style of programming, which is the first step in identifying anonymous authors, finding cyber criminals and settle questions about intellectual property."

Caliskan-Islam states that all great tools that can process natural language to identify anonymous authors in their writing style. On that basis, she wondered whether it was possible to develop a similar system for programmers. The key, according to the researcher is investigating several aspects of the Code, where these qualities come together and form a unique pattern that is found only in the code of a specific programmer.

For her research Caliskan-Islam collected the work of programmers over the past six years to the "Google Code Jam competitions" participated. This eventually resulted in 20,000 different programming attributes. The researcher of the program managed to reduce this to 137 properties, which could then be used to create digital fingerprints of the programmers.Ultimately, this collection was deposited at different solutions that programmers had programmed for the Google matches.

On this basis, the researchers were able to identify the pogrammeurs with a 95% accuracy in their programming style.According Caliskan-Islam can help its solution in finding cybercriminals or forensics, but also resolving debates about who is the original author of a piece of software. The researchers are now working to expand the analysis, so that later code in any programming language can recognize.

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