Wednesday, 1 April 2015

American Ex-Officers Indicted For Theft Bitcoins

Two former US agents are charged with the theft of bitcoins that were used during the investigation into the online drug marketplace Silk Road and seized. It is an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and an agent of the Secret Service.

The two officers were part of the Baltimore Silk Road Task Force, which investigated the illegal activities of the Silk Road.Through the Silk Road were all kinds of drugs marketed. The administrator of the marketplace in late 2013 arrested and sentenced early this year. The DEA agent operated as an undercover agent and made ​​contact with the administrator of the drug market. However, the agent would without permission different online identities have used that were involved in criminal activities, including the steal of bitcoins from the US government and the defendants that he had to investigate.

He asked as part of the research for bitcoins and got it from the government. However, he did not indicate that he had received the digital currency and made the money to his own private-account. He would also information about the government investigation of the Silk Road have passed on to the administrator of the marketplace. Furthermore, the agent while he was still working for the DEA worked at a bitcoin scholarship.

There he forced the company to freeze the account of a customer and to make money from this customer to his own account. According to the FBI, the man would further unauthorized summons from the Department of Justice sent to an online payment service, which was set to release his private-account again.

Secret Service of the agent would be more than $ 800,000 in bitcoins, where he was given control over the course of the investigation to the Silk Road, to his own account at the now bankrupt Japanese bitcoin scholarship Mt. Gox have made. He then transfer the money to his personal investment account in the United States. A few days later he was for an amount $ 2.1 million in accounts of Mt. Gox studded show place. The DEA agent was arrested on March 27, while the agent of the Secret Service itself indicated yesterday.

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