Friday, 13 March 2015

Kaspersky Would Have Hesitation About Revealing Cyber Attacks

The Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab would have hesitation about revealing two cyber attacks attributed to the Russian regime, as were sources within the company across Reuters have announced.According to founder Eugene Kaspersky, the company never asked by government to refrain from investigating a cyber attack.

The researchers would not be guided by the political interests of a country. Yet, say several current and former employees of the company Kaspersky Lab about publishing at least two alleged cyber attacks has hesitated. Kaspersky Lab as published last year under paying customers a report on a sophisticated espionage campaign that had discovered it.

The report, however, was only five months later publicly disclosed once had a British defense company about the espionage campaign published . According to the British BAE Systems were likely to be a campaign of the Russian government, which mainly computers in the Ukraine were infected. Eugene Kaspersky, however, denied that political motives played a role. "We were late," as he announced. According to the virus fighter is not possible to win everything.


In 2013, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered another espionage campaign called Red October , by Russian-speaking programmers would be created and focused on governmental and diplomatic organizations in Europe, Central Asia and North America. Only after a heated internal debate virus fighter still decided to publish a report on the operation. According to several current and former employees of Kaspersky Lab, who wished to remain anonymous, it was probably an operation of a Russian military intelligence.


Kaspersky Lab said in a statement that the company has never doubted about publishing studies because of political reasons. "We have no political ties," said the virus fighter, who noted further with various countries and international investigative agencies to work together. In case an attack campaign is discovered the anti-virus company follows a special procedure whereby the investigative services are warned in the countries concerned, as well as partners and customers before the investigation appears.

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