Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lenovo Provides Customers With Superfish-Adware 6 Months McAfee

Customers of computer manufacturer Lenovo laptop with the Superfish-adware can receive from next week try a virus McAfee for a period of six months without charge, as the company has let know .Because of the Superfish debacle Lenovo announced several measures. Was published as a removal tool and put the manufacturer's promise that it will provide cleaner machines with less pre-installed software in the future.

In addition, the customers a free subscription offer of a half years at McAfee Live Safe. The security software can be used on multiple devices and to protect systems against malware and other online threats. Duped consumers can already download the trial version of the software, to activate it, then next week on 16 March. In case users the security itself already bought their existing subscription will be extended by six months.

In total, more than 40 different types of laptops that Superfish standard was installed qualify for the program. Super Fish is a program that intercepted SSL connections to inject ads. The adware used for this purpose its own root certificate.Researchers managed to crack the password using the private key of the Superfish certificate. This makes it possible in some cases to Man-in-the-middle attacks against systems that perform Superfish and the certificate installed.

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