Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lenovo Sold In February Even Laptop With Superfish-Adware

Although Lenovo has stopped installing Superfish consumers should still see if the offending adware is not on newly delivered systems. Discovered two readers of Ars Technica . On a laptop in early February by their neighbor was ordered discovered readers Superfish.

"Lenovo may say they Superfish installed no more since December, but the problem is that they still deliver systems that Superfish state," said Laura Buddine. Superfish intercepted SSL connections for injecting ads. A vulnerability in the adware meant that users could be attacked. The installed version of Windows on the investigated laptop dated for December.

According Buddine this shows that Lenovo's problem will not large enough to install the laptops in the warehouses again without Superfish. It also showed that the Super Fish-removal tool from Lenovo not removed all traces of adware. Thus were discovered after the delete several files of the adware and the certificate. Analysis of the source code of the removal tool that Lenovo posted on the Internet, it appears that there has recently released a new version that fixes several problems, including the removal of the Superfish files.

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