Monday, 2 March 2015

Mozilla Removes Superfish Certificate From Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox users against Man-in-the-middle attacks to protect Mozilla has decided to remove the Superfish certificate from the browser, but only when users first have the controversial program their computers have been removed. Superfish installed on computers a root certificate that could intercept SSL traffic and then inject ads.

However, the adware found to contain a vulnerability whereby users could be attacked. Several parties, including Lenovo, came with removal tools to remove both Superfish Superfish if the installed certificate. Some of these tools do not remove remove the Superfish certificate from Firefox, allowing these users are still at risk of being attacked.

To ensure that these users are still safe Mozilla started rolling out a hotfix . This hotfix checks whether Superfish is removed and then remove the Superfish certificate from Firefox. If Superfish namely still on the computer and Mozilla would remove the certificate from Firefox, users would no longer be able to visit HTTPS sites. The browser developer advises users therefore to the removal instructions to follow Lenovo, which both the software and the certificate can be removed manually

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