Friday, 6 March 2015

Oracle Adds "Adware" To Java Installation On Mac

For years, the installer for Java on Windows bundled with additional software, such as the Ask Toolbar, but now Oracle applies this practice also allows for the Java installer on Mac OS X. The Ask Toolbar is labeled by various parties as "adware." Under Windows Follower Ed Bott shows the Ask search engine bad results that are filled with advertisements that do not "organic" results can be distinguished in most cases.

In the case of Mac OS X is about 8 Java Update 40 whereby the Ask Toolbar is installed and the home page is changed. This version came out the week. The option to install the Ask Toolbar and change home is checked by default. Anyone who does not pay attention during installation has also a toolbar at. Bott discovered the new bundle of Oracle policy. He also discovered that the Ask developers in the Chrome Web Store does not use their own name, but "chromewebstore12".

Developers do when two other apps the same, allowing users might think that it is official Chrome apps. Oracle website now also makes mention that cooperation with certain parties that offer different products, but provides no further explanation or lets you know what people can do to remove Ask their system. Oracle's decision to join the toolbar follows the Lenovo Superfish debacle. Lenovo did this knowing that in the future cleaner machines will offer without much preinstalled software.

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