Sunday, 8 March 2015

Research: IS Supporters Used 46,000 Twitter Accounts

Supporters of the terrorist organization IS Having September 2014 until the end of last year used an estimated 46,000 Twitter accounts. Researchers argue that JM Berger and Jonathon Morgan of the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution .

The researchers collected data from about ( pdf ) 50,000 Twitter accounts, of which 30,000 IS supporters would be. Among other things, looked at the location, language settings and the number of followers of these accounts. It was found that IS adherents location data off more often than normal Twitter users, but not much more. Eventually, the researchers discovered that a small group of "hyperactive users" particularly active.

It is about 500 to 2,000 accounts that send large amounts of tweets. It also showed that the IS supportive Twitter accounts had an average of 1,000 followers, much more than normal Twitter users are. During the study period, at least 1,000 accounts closed by Twitter, but may run the actual number in the thousands. It was in particular accounts sent out many tweets and had many followers.

"The suspension of accounts have appreciable effects in limiting the size and scope of the IS activities on social media. At this time, not the current implementation ensures that these activities are eliminated and can not be expected," Morgan said and Berger. Based on their research, the researchers must cooperate social media companies and the US government to tackle extremism on social media.

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