Thursday, 12 March 2015

Researcher USB Stick Claims That Can Damage Computers

It is generally not recommended to connect strange USB drives on a computer because of the risk of malware, but a Russian scientist claims to have developed a USB stick that can damage physical machines. The researcher, who is not mentioned by name, heard a story about a stolen USB stick which after being connected to a laptop half would have burned.

This story captivated the investigator so that he decided to develop such a USB stick, called USB Killer . The man was working at a company that develops electronics in China and ordered different circuit boards for USB sticks. Eventually he succeeded in his own words to make a model that uses negative voltage and that a computer can be damaged.

Photos or videos of any burned or "electrocuted" equipment are lacking. On the Internet, some people are also critical . Also ask some wonder whether the USB stick can be sufficient voltage to cause a fire. The researcher has a brief description of how the USB Killer works published, but extensive diagrams and drawings are missing. However, he suggests readers whether they are interested in purchasing such a USB flash drive and what they do when they encounter a strange USB stick in their workplace.

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