Monday, 1 June 2015

Cybercriminals Steal 60 Million Of Russian Banks

Cyber ​​criminals have stolen 60 million last year from Russian banks and their customers, as announced, the Russian Central Bank. This involves both attacks on online banking users as attacks against the banks themselves. So last year was several times for attackers gained access to ATMs and so could control the issuance of banknotes.

An analyst of the Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab opposes SC Magazine that these attacks are mainly possible because the ATMs are still running on Windows XP. In addition to these direct attacks on banks virus fighter saw the number of Trojan horses that was designed to defraud online banking increase by a factor of nine.

According to a spokesman of the Russian Central Bank passed the number of attacks on bank accounts last year 300,000 operations, allowing the Russian banking system would be the most vulnerable in Europe. Due to the increased activity of cyber criminals looking Russian banks also new guidelines to tighten security.

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