Monday, 20 July 2015

37 Million Users Information Stolen Ashley Madison

Attackers have managed the data of 37 million users of to steal a website for adulterers, and threaten to reveal if the site is not closed. In addition to the user data would also financial information and other business data are stolen.

The attackers threatened to publish the captured data as Ashley Madison and Established Men, a dating site for "young women to find successful men" from the same company can not be taken offline. It would be profiles with "secret sexual fantasies," nude photos and user calls, including related credit card transactions, real names and addresses. Ashley Madison claims to have over 37 million users. Furthermore, will the business documents and e-mails are posted online, says IT journalist Brian Krebs .

Remove Function

Next, the attackers that the delete function offered by the website is not working. Users may remove their profile data for $ 19. This feature, called "full delete", the company last year would have yielded $ 1.7 million. However, not alll data deleted.Details of purchases made with a credit card, including real names and addresses, continue to follow the attackers in the database behind.

Avid Life Media, the company behind the two Web sites, confirms in a statement that it is indeed hacked. According to him, it would have invested in the latest privacy and security, but this could not prevent the intrusion. Furthermore Avid Life Media late declaration know nothing, except that the investigation into the extent of the incident is ongoing.

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