Saturday, 25 July 2015

No New Data Ashley Madison Users Put Online

Several media reports that the attackers behind the hack of Ashley Madison information of users have put online, but it is the same data that Sunday had already been made ​​public. Attackers then made ​​known to the data of over 37 million users had captured, as well as all kinds of business data of a site for cheaters.

The attackers threatened to remove all data online as Ashley Madison has not been taken off the air. The website is still online. Still, the threat has not yet been implemented and there are no new data made public. In announcing the hack data from two users were mentioned. It is the real name, username, registration date, complete address, email address, sexual fantasies, desires and password hash of an American man.

In the case of the second user it comes to someone from the "full delete" function had used. This option allows users of the website for $ 19 it removed their profile. However, the purchase details have been preserved, said the attackers. In this case it is the user's name, address and sexual fantasies. His username, password hash and email address are not mentioned.Ashley Madison is a website for people who want to cheat. Because of the incident, the website decided users free of charge to raise their profile.

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