Friday, 24 July 2015

Research: Smart Watches Full Privacy And Vulnerabilities

Smart Watches are full privacy and security holes, so that information users may end up with all kinds of parties and the devices are vulnerable to various types of attacks. That set of HP researcher who examined ten popular smart watches ( pdf ).

The researchers ran during the investigation against all kinds of problems. For example, information collected often sent to multiple destinations at the watch, including third parties. The information also appears to intercept simple. Something that was possible in nine of the ten models. Furthermore, the firmware of seven aircraft is sent unencrypted. The impact of this problem is limited because many watches only allow signed firmware updates. Five watches offer also no way to activate a screen lock.

HP has not disclosed to the watch models and manufacturers involved. The computer giant advises consumers not to use smart watches for opening of housing and cars, unless there is strong authorization is offered. In addition, consumers should always set strong passwords and make maximum use of two-factor authentication. Finally have no requests from unknown devices and applications are permitted who want to link the smart watch.

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