Monday, 27 July 2015

Microsoft Tool Blocks Unwanted Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft Windows 10 Home front will roll out updates automatically among users and is the standard no longer possible to block certain updates or drivers, like other Windows versions is the case. And that can be a problem if, for example faulty drivers or updates are rolled out via the automatic update mechanism.

Nevertheless, users do not blindly accept all the updates because Microsoft has recently been a " troubleshooter package released "to block unwanted updates. The troubleshooter provides an interface for showing and hiding updates and drivers.Once a user or an unwanted update driver has been removed which will no longer be available after installing the troubleshooter. In the description of Microsoft is that the tool is for the Windows 10 Preview, but Windows Follower Ed Bott notes that the troubleshooter, based on the latest test version of the Windows 10 Preview, including the final version will work.

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