Monday, 20 July 2015

Julian Assange: Google Does To "Voluntary" Mass Surveillance

Google collects less information than the US National Security Agency, yet the way the software giant stores data and silvers as "voluntary" mass surveillance and "surveillance-capitalism" to describe, says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange facing Der Spiegel .

According Assange is about one person of little worth, but have the data of one billion strategic value, similar to an oil pipeline. The large amounts of information collected are then used through a new economic model, called "surveillance capitalism," says the WikiLeaks founder.

Google also likes to give itself with "voluntary" mass surveillance through things at first glance away for free. Not only does this much information, it also changes the perception of users. By giving away services it seems that they are not a business, says Assange. "As companies do not have free things. They therefore seem wrongly to be a part of civil society."


The impact of Google goes beyond just collecting data about users, they affect those too. "They export a specific mindset of culture. You can visit the old term of" cultural imperialism "use, or the "Disneylandization "call of the Internet. Or maybe" digital colonisation "a better term," warns the WikiLeaks founder.

Companies like Google set as Assange new social rules about what activities are allowed and which information can be exchanged, or even how much of it a nipple may be displayed. Normally this would be part of the public debate and even policy makers. "But as soon as something is sufficiently controversial these organizations prohibit it. Even if it's not as controversial, but it affects their interests, then it is banned or partially prohibit

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