Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ashley Madison Lets Users Remove Free Profile

The hacked website for cheaters Ashley Madison offers users the option to remove their profiles free of charge, after an attacker there previously managed the data of 37 million users to steal. It would be profiles with "secret sexual fantasies," nude photos and user calls, including related credit card transactions, real names and addresses.

How the attacker access data to gain knew was not disclosed, but Avid Life Media, the company behind Ashley Madison, says that all "unauthorized access" are closed. There is also with investigating authorities initiated an investigation into the attacker and the company claims that the perpetrator will finally be held accountable.

Delete Function

In addition to the theft of user data, the attacker claimed that the website users cheated. Ashley Madison offers users: the ability to delete their profiles fee of $ 19, but the striker claims that this feature does not work properly. Details of purchases made with a credit card, including real names and addresses, remain as the attacker in the database behind.

In a statement enables Avid Life Media that paid delete function deletes all information related to the user and communication of the user. However, it is unclear whether the card data is included. The delete function last year, the company would have resulted in $ 1.7 million. However, because of the incident, it was decided that users are now free information deleted their profile.

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