Sunday, 26 July 2015

Fraudulent Mobile Ads Consume Gigabytes Of Data

Fraudulent apps for both Android, iOS and Windows Mobile posing as popular games allow devices actually charging thousands of ads a day, without users having this in the first instance. However, the applications run continuously in the background, may consume gigabytes of data, ensure that the battery previously absorbed and are able to download more than 16,000 ads per day.

Then there are simulated random clicks on the ads, which get the developers of the paid apps. Average would be the apps on a device 700 ads download per hour, which amounts to 16 800 ads per day. It consumes about 2GB of data. Globally, there are more than 12 million devices with rogue apps are infected.

According to the US Forensiq have rogue apps produced last year for $ 857 million in damages and this year will be $ 1 billion to be passed. It should be noted that Forensiq a company engaged in the fight of advertising and click fraud. Google has already removed several of the rogue apps from Google Play, but would not say how many, reports AdvertisingAge .

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