Friday, 31 July 2015

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense Is Not A Security Risk

A much-discussed component in Windows 10, Wi-Fi Sense , which makes it possible to display contacts access to their own Wi-Fi network. Contrary to what some journalists and websites is no security risk, says Windows Follower Ed Bott .

This week IT journalist Brian Krebs came up with an article in which he warned of Wi-Fi Sense. According to Krebs would Windows 10 standard questions to share the wifi password with all the contacts in Outlook and Skype. Then, these users as they are in the area, can use the Wi-Fi network. Krebs warned that the feature could have serious consequences and advised Windows users, therefore, to eliminate it.

Bott says that Wi-Fi Sense does not work this way. In addition, there is no shared password, but only Internet access. The option to share Wi-Fi access is indeed default. However, it only applies to networks that the user has chosen. Users must select the Wi-Fi network from which they wish to share access yourself first.

According to Bott's Wi-Fi Sense vulnerability and therefore no one will make unauthorized connection to the Wi-Fi network of the user. Krebs responds by stating that many users have been conditioned to this type of windows that Windows just asks "yes" button, and shared networks will be shared as contacts on Facebook, Outlook and Skype.

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