Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Teen Gets Community Service Because Of DDoS Attack On Spamhaus

A British teenager in Britain was sentenced to community service of 240 hours for his role in a major DDoS attack on anti-spam organization Spamhaus in 2013. At the peak was 300Gbps there to traffic sent to the website, which collapsed as a result, reports the BBC .

The teen would have offered as "mercenary" to get websites fee from the air. The attack against Spamhaus would possibly other parties were involved. After his arrest, was found a sum of 101,000 euros in his bank account. On his computer, investigators found the source code of the software that the attack was carried out. According to the judge there would be no likelihood of recurrence and the teenager really regret his actions. He therefore decided not to impose imprisonment.Spamhaus may know agrees with the judge's ruling, CIO Richard Cox so late.

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