Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Facebook CEO Wants Adobe To Stop Flash

If the newly Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Facebook is going Adobe to stop Flash and also stop all browser developers supporting the popular technology in their browsers. Alex Stamos , which previously held the highest security function at Yahoo is not yet two weeks of the new CSO of Facebook.

Via Twitter , he said that Adobe will announce a date after which Flash is no longer supported. Browser developers such as Mozilla, Microsoft and Google then can a "killbit" record, so the technology after that date no longer work in their browsers. According Stamos is the only way to get all websites and technologies that are Flash dependent apart and at one time to upgrade the entire ecosystem.

The remark Stamos seems to be separate from the recent vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash Player. He focuses on Flash and web technology. According Stamos select developers and software companies choose not to upgrade to their HTML5 tools and programs, as they expect that Flash will be supported forever. If Adobe provides a date can however be started to reduce dependency on Flash and HTML5 to switch.

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