Tuesday, 28 July 2015

FBI Cyber Crime Forum Taken Offline Back Online

A popular forum for cyber criminals that two weeks ago by the FBI offline was removed has announced his comeback. In addition, the security will be tightened to thwart a new operation by investigators. Darkode the forum, according to the FBI an important place where criminals services, tools and exchange ideas to attack systems.

During an international operation where twenty countries participated were 70 Darkode members arrested, indicted or are still being sought. Including a trainee of security FireEye was arrested for activities at the forum. It was about to take offline a forum for cyber criminals largest international operation of investigative services.


But the forum's administrator was not arrested and has now announced the comeback of Darkode. According to the administrator is the largest part of the administrators and other senior members are not picked up. The operation of the investigators would focus on new members or people who have long been nothing more with the "scene" had to do. The new version of Darkode will again be hosted through the Tor network and are by invitation only.

In addition, each member will receive their own onion address to visit the website. Thus have visited the administrators more control over who the website and offers more log information to identify informants for example. In addition, a user of the bitcoin-wallet will be linked to his account. Even if the user's account was hacked, an attacker can not use the account unless the private key of the user bitcoin wallet knows, reports Malware Tech .

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