Saturday, 18 July 2015

Google's Tougher Action Against Unwanted Software

Google Chrome users in the coming weeks will see more warnings from the browser get that warn against unwanted software. Programs that are undesirable in Internet hijack the browser and then inject all kinds of ads are a gigantic problem, as shown by previous research by Google and the University of California.

The researchers wanted to know how big the problem of "ad injectors" actually was. This is software that injects ads on websites or existing ads replace.Google had in the first few months of this year, more than 100,000 complaints received ad injectors. During the investigation it was found that 5.5% of all IP addresses that Google sites visits with one or more ad injectors infected. In total, the researchers discovered more than 85,000 applications that hijack the browser and inject ads.


The detection of Google has been improved to detect this type of unwanted software, making short-term Chrome users more warnings will be given. "The mandate remains unchanged," says Stephan Somogyi from the Google Safe Browsing team. "We focus only on protecting users from malware, phishing, unwanted software, and similar evil. You will see a warning SafeBrowsing not get another reason to see."

According Somogyi unwanted software is distributed through a variety of ways, including the above-mentioned ad injectors. In many cases, Google's Safe Browsing technology is the last layer of defense, commented Google employee. Besides Safari and Firefox, Chrome also make use of Google's Safe Browsing technology.

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