Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fraudulent BatteryBotPro App From Google Play Removed

Google has removed a rogue app from Google Play posing as BatteryBotPro app and infected machines used for all kinds of fraud. The BatteryBotPro app is an app that displays detailed information about battery and battery consumption. The app, which 2.99 euros to be paid for, downloaded between 100,000 and 500,000 times.

Recently, criminals have downloaded the app and includes malicious modules, then place successfully on Google Play the custom app. Unlike legitimate app asks the rogue app administrator privileges to install. Once the user has authorized the app installed and will offer the same functionality as the legitimate app, says security firm Zscaler . In the background, the malicious app uses the device include committing click fraud and ads fraud.

This smartphone is used for displaying ads and generate false clicks on ads. In addition, the app also appears to gather information about the device and additional malicious apps to be installed without the user's permission has to give here. Next click and ad fraud app also aims to send text messages, which can cost the user money. After being informed, Google removed the app from Google Play. How many users have downloaded the rogue app is unknown.

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