Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Scammers Trick Users With Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen of Death for many Windows users a signal that something is wrong with the computer or install Windows, but Internet scammers use the report to highlight users for a lot of money and have this kind of fraud refined.

Counterfeit versions of the Blue Screen of Death will be shown to users in different ways, such as pop-ups. It establishes that there are major problems with Windows and the user "Microsoft engineers" to call. In reality it is to foist telephone scammers people products and services a try. In addition to the pop-ups scammers also use potentially unwanted software (PUP) to display the messages on the user's screen.

Last year, though there ransomware discovered that showed these messages on the computer, but scammers have further refined the message. Through a program called iLivid is a PUP called Sensei Updater then installed on the computer displays a convincing blue screen of death, according to a message on the forum of Bleeping Computer . The warning again contains a phone number of a help desk.

When users dial the number then takes the classic scam phone off. The telephone scammer tells the user that his computer is loaded with malware and clearly demonstrates all kinds of supposedly alarming warnings. Then the user to remove the malware must pay, which can cost between $ 150 and $ 400, warns anti-virus company Malwarebytes .

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