Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dozens Of Apps On Google Play Quietly Visit Porn Sites

Researchers have discovered in recent months, dozens of apps on Google Play that Android devices unnoticed kinds of porn sites allow visits. It involves a total of 60 apps posing as popular games, such Dubmash, Clash of Clans and Subway Surfers.

The apps are in the last period downloaded at least 210,000 times. Once active try the apps to hide from the user and then visit various porn sites in the background. Presumably the author get paid for the clicks generated by the apps. Clicks that advertisers think they are performed by people. According to anti-virus company ESET, there is a cat-and-mouse game between Google and the authors of the fraudulent apps. Once Google remove an app is a new upload.

Most of the fraudulent apps have no or a few tens of downloads before they are found and removed. A single app falls on, like Subway Surfers 2, which was downloaded at least 50,000 times. According to ESET caused the click fraud apps no direct harm to users, such as steal passwords, but they generate a lot of traffic that users with data limit on cost can hunt.

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