Friday, 17 July 2015

Anonymous Making Wifi Device Also Easily Yourself

During the upcoming Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas would be a researcher showing how a tool can be made ​​anonymously to the Internet via Wi-Fi networks that are located kilometers away. Via the ProxyHam , such as the tool is called, must be prevented from users on the basis of their IP-address can be detected.

The IP address in question, namely, always leads to the Wi-Fi network is kilometers away from the user. As the user makes via the 900Mhz frequency with ProxyHam connection, it would be difficult to trace. The solution was, according to researcher Benjamin Caudill especially suitable for whistleblowers and activists. Caudill during his presentation would also make the software and blueprints public so that everyone could make the device itself.

Last week it was revealed that Caudill has canceled his lecture and the prototypes of the device are destroyed . One reason would not give the investigator. Security researcher Robert Graham now has a description how to put online for less than 300 euros a ProxyHam-like device can be made ​​and how the device itself to other solutions relationship. Also on hackaday has been released a short explanation to make their own ProxyHam. Whatever the reason for Caudill had to cancel his lecture is still unknown.

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