Monday, 13 July 2015

Even If You Uninstall Google Photos App, It Will Keep SynchronizingYour Pics On Cloud

Nothing worse roll us not to be aware of when a device keeps going up personal information to the cloud or any other type of storage beyond our control. And something happens to Google Photos and mania still synchronize everything we took with our mobile even when we have installed on our smartphone or tablet application.

Saved cloud of Google

The story is roughly as follows. Some users have found that once removed from your mobile or tablet application Google Photos , concern still see quite how photos and videos obtained from the terminal just available in the cloud service of the Mountain View.

Is something like "remove the app from my mobile Android and Google remains committed to catch me everything I have on the phone. " Well, you must know that this is not true because Google Photos is a single viewer and organizer of everything we have in the cloud, and not the reason for that content to be there or will be updated every day.

In the oldest in the safe place that comes to my mind the account options Google brings Android series since its inception, and once inside we have active on your terminal see a lot of services that are managed from it.

How do I remove the automatic rise?

Among the options in this menu we manage Google account is that of sync contacts , calendars, and applications ... upload photos automatically. This is where you must act, telling the device to our account Google does not want to see anything in the cloud , so to disable root be cut any further rise.

Yes, but this option has traditionally been in the account menu Google , with Android M has changed its placement, leaving him to deactivate the rise in the menu of Backup .

In other versions of the OS of Google thing is more or less as usual, with specific options off camera rises to the cloud if we want, have or not the application of Photos in our terminal.So you know, if you no longer do you use the photographic manager of Mountain View , the photos and videos that might be coming to carry forth a cloud but be aware of it.

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