Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Handy Privacy Tips For Firefox Users

Firefox includes many extensions to block trackers on the Internet and to protect the privacy of users, but the browser also sends itself data to third parties. Reason for a GitHub user to a list to the privacy options that adapt themselves through the browser.

This concerns issues such as Safe Browsing, collect statistics by Mozilla, the built-DRM plug-in, Firefox Hello, Pocket-integration WebRTC and geolocation. Sometimes users need to balance security and privacy. As Firefox exchanges via Google Safe Browsing information with Google in order to protect users from phishing sites and malware. Disabling this option can also be a security risk.

It also appears that Firefox Hello, a tool for video calls via the browser, connect to the servers of ISP Telefonica, without asking for your permission. In the case of the Pocket-integration, it is a connection to a third party to manage a list of articles read. In addition, users advised to search suggestions from the search box from the switch, since everything that is sent is typed into the search box defaults to the preset engine.

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