Thursday, 16 July 2015

Manufacturer Stops Installing Flash Player On Computers

The American computer manufacturer System76 has stopped the default install Adobe Flash Player on new computers. It includes both desktops and laptops now come without the video plug-in. System76 delivers desktops, laptops and servers, which all run on Ubuntu.

In 2007, the manufacturer of a license to install Adobe Flash Player advance new systems. Something the company did until now standard. Starting today, there came a change in systems and be delivered without Flash Player. According to the manufacturer's decision is based on two reasons. First, Flash Player no longer required to have a "full web experience", whereas previously it was often the case. In addition, the safety of users of the other reason.

In recent weeks, several zero-day vulnerabilities discovered in the video plug-in, which were then used by cyber criminals to infect computers silently by malware. Besides the decision to henceforth avoid Flash Player System76 also advises to remove the browser plug-in already purchased systems. "Even if you think you need Flash, you might have to experiment further by not using a time. You will be surprised how little your Internet experience is changing," the company said.

In case customers but not without Flash Player is advised to Google Chrome, which uses a proprietary Flash Player located in a sandbox. Still, this offers no guarantee, as one of the Flash Player vulnerabilities that an attacker had discovered had to break out here the Italian Hacking Team, and then take on the underlying system. Therefore, it is according to the manufacturer still more sensible to avoid flash at all.

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