Friday, 10 July 2015

Flash Player Leak Of Hacking Team Previously Attacked

The critical vulnerability in Flash Player, which the Italian Hacking Team disposal and this week was discovered and published, has already been used to attack in Korea and Japan. These are limited attacks that took place on July 1, reports the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro.

Hacking Team had developed an exploit that made ​​abuse of the then unknown Flash Player flaw. However, operating would have been used on 1 July, before the hacker to Hacking Team did in breaking the corporate data put online, says Trend Micro . The exploit that discovered the virus fighter is very similar to that of Hacking Team. "We think this attack was carried out by someone who has access to the tools and code of Hacking Team," said analyst Wu Weimin. The only difference was that the leaked operates Hacking Team did not contain malware, whereas in the attack which it was held on July 1 the case.

Victims used by the leak to attack his likely spear phishing emails. These emails contain a Word document with a link. This link pointing back to a website with the Flash Player exploit. Further investigation revealed that the website from June 22 already had been visited by other users from Korea, as well as a user from Japan. Whether these users through the same or other exploits are attacked Trend Micro can not confirm, but according to this virus fighter is quite probable. Meanwhile, Adobe has released an update released to fix the leak.

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