Sunday, 19 July 2015

Voicemail Leads To Malware Attack Via OneDrive

A group of attackers used voicemail messages in combination with malware hosted at onedrive to attack organizations, as several security companies warn. The attack on the organizations begins with targeted phishing mails which contain a self-extracting archive file as an attachment. The attachment occurs when voice mail.

If a user opens the attachment is there as a distraction play a .wav file that looks like a real voice. In the background, however connection with OneDrive made the cloud service from Microsoft. The ultimate malware is then downloaded. Sergey Lozhkin of the Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab wonders whether this method will be applied by more cyber criminals.

"It is possible because it provides an easy way for attackers to hide malicious behavior. Detecting malicious traffic in legitimate cloud services is much more complex because it involves legitimate services to be blocked," said Lozhkin.Security company Palo Alto Networks has more details about the malware used, which was detected at the time of discovery by 3 of the 54 scanners on VirusTotal.

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