Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Stephen Hawking Fears Military Deployment Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and many other eminent researchers and scientists have an open letter published and signed in which they warn about the military use of artificial intelligence. According to experts, artificial intelligence reaches a point where the use of such systems within a few years is a reality.

If it is mentioned both advantages and disadvantages to the use of artificial intelligence by the army. The replacement of human soldiers by robots could reduce the number of human victims, but can on the other hand, the threshold to start a war decrease. The experts fear that a global competition arises in the development of artificial intelligence for military purposes.

Once a military world power will develop artificial intelligent weapons others will follow. Autonomous weapons will therefore be the Kalashnikovs tomorrow, according to the experts. Unlike nuclear weapons autonomous weapons would be easy to produce and do not require expensive materials. It would also only a matter of time before they get into the hands of terrorists, dictators and warlords.

Autonomous weapons, according to the experts also ideal for conducting attacks, destabilise countries, suppressing the population and the selective killing of ethnic groups. Therefore, a military race in artificial intelligence is not in the interest of humanity, so they warn. The experts conclude the letter off by saying that artificial intelligence has great potential for humanity, but that this is not militarily, and therefore should be banned in an autonomous weapons.

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