Thursday, 30 July 2015

Chrome Extension Prevents Profiling By Type Of Behavior

Websites, Internet users nowadays not only to follow based on their IP address or browser features, including the way one type provides companies with sufficient information to draw up a profile. Two researchers, Paul Moore and Per Thorsheim therefore have developed an extension for Google Chrome called " Keyboard Privacy "that prevents profiling by type of behavior.

Several banks were already using the technology. The technology according to the researchers, also interesting for totalitarian regimes, as well as advertisers. Even when using an Internet user or a Tor proxy, he would still be recognized by the use of his type of behavior. In order to counter this form of tracking and profiling Keyboard Privacy changes the rate at which typed characters arriving at the website.

Moore argues that the extension reduces security, but this is not a bad thing necessarily. "It's important to find a good balance between security and privacy. It is very difficult to raise one without the other measurable decrease," he notes.Internet users who like their type of behavior on websites "leak" or their bank will be forced to, according to Moore extension per website on or off. Soon there will appear a Firefox version of the extension.

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