Saturday, 25 July 2015

FBI Warns Businesses For Extortion Through DDoS Attacks

The FBI has warned businesses through extortion DDoS attacks on their websites, as these attacks take place more often. The past few months have also several security companies to this form of extortion warned .

The attacks are carried out by a group that DD4BC (DDoS for Bitcoin) names and since last July is active. The FBI warning that Public Intelligence published ( PDF ), the group is not mentioned, but the method does is mentioned is identical. There is first a DDoS attack on the website of the company which usually takes place about an hour and has a size of 20 to 40 Gbps.You then send an e-mail with the demands of the attackers. That require an amount to be paid in bitcoin.

If the victim does not meet the requirements there will be a powerful DDoS attack within 24 hours, which lasts an hour and again has a size of 40 to 50 Gbps. This attack is succeeded by a warning. According to the FBI know most attacked companies to turn down the DDoS attacks by enabling the anti-DDoS services from third parties instead of paying the ransom. Where the attackers had first mainly on gambling sites provide, since April this year, other sectors targeted and larger amounts are required.

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