Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Malware Steals Data From Offline Computer Via Mobile Phone

Researchers have developed malware with which it is possible to go from computers that are not connected to the Internet to steal its data. Air-pinch, such as disconnecting systems is referred to the Internet, is a popular method for securing systems in critical environments.

Yet these systems are also at risk, according to researchers at the Cyber ​​Security Research Center at Israel's Ben-Gurion University. They developed a way in which a mobile phone can be used to steal data from a computer. To carry out the attack requires that both the computer and mobile phone with malware are infected. The " GSMem malware "the researchers let the memory of the computer act as an antenna and then send via GSM frequency data to the infected phone.

On the other hand, the phone must have been infected with a rootkit that researchers call the "Receiver Handler". This malware to be installed in the firmware of the mobile phone. The GSM malware could be installed via physical access or by intercepting the machine during the delivery process. To install the rootkit was social engineering, a malicious app or physical access can be used. The amount of data that can be stolen is limited in this way. It is enough to steal passwords and encryption keys in about two minutes, reports Wired .

By using a separate receiver can be collected at a distance of 30 meters much more data. In environments where air-gapped computers are used, it may be illegal to use a smartphone, but are simple devices allowed. Therefore, researchers developed the malware works on simple mobile phones. However, they expect a smartphone with better results and this will also be testing in the future. During the Usenix Security Symposium in Washington next month, the researchers will provide more details on their attack.

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