Thursday, 9 July 2015

Finnish Teenager Convicted Of Computer Crimes

A 17-year-old Finnish teenager was sentenced in Finland to a suspended sentence of two years for a large number of computer crimes. The boy needs help "combating cyber crime," notes the website Daily Dot according to reports in the Finnish media .

The Finn was convicted based on 50,700 counts of computer crime. It was to include data breaches, credit card fraud, money laundering, fraud and violating commercial secrets and other matters. He placed with stolen credit cards at various retailers orders. In one case, he happened to wine from Ireland. The Finland Times reports that the teenager also the e-mail traffic of 15,000 users of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) intercepted and network traffic of the university sent to another server.

The teenager was also part of the Lizard Squad have been. The group was last year responsible for DDoS attacks on the networks of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The Finnish teenager was also interviewed by the British television channel Sky News for the DDoS attacks. Were the attacks on the networks of Microsoft and Sony hacked thousands of home routers are used.

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