Sunday, 26 July 2015

Apple Allows Users To Rogue Pop-Up Blocker In iOS 9

Apple has added a feature to iOS Safari 9 which allows users to block malicious pop-ups. IOS users for some time been the target of fraudulent pop-ups that occur as crash reports. The popups use JavaScript to ensure that they do not close on a normal way.

In the so-called crash message is called to call a specific phone number. The number of telephone scammers then ask users amounts of between 40 and 70 euros for solving the "problem". On the Apple forum in recent months dozens of topics and responses to find the people who report to see were . Users who have to deal with the pop-up to close Safari by tapping twice on the home button and then clear the browser history, as Apple on this page explains.

In iOS 9 However, it will also be possible to block pop-ups, as discovered Mac developer Rosyna Keller in the beta version of iOS 9. The Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure affirms that pop-ups with fraudulent JavaScript indeed simple be closed. All expected to appear iOS 9th September.

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