Thursday, 16 July 2015

FBI Gets Popular Darkode Forum For Cyber Criminals Offline

The FBI has a popular forum for cyber criminals taken offline, where large-scale information, services, tools and ideas were exchanged to attack computers and other systems. The Darkode forum was accessible only to authorized members. Before users could join they first had to be invited by an existing member, then the other members to show their skills.

The other members were able to weather these skills and products use to infect computers worldwide with malware. During an international operation where twenty countries participated arrested 70 members Dark Node, sued or are being sought. It's going to get the biggest international operation of investigative services to offline a forum for cyber criminals. According to the American prosecutor, David Hickton, worldwide there are about 800 active forums for cyber criminals, but Darkode constituted the greatest threat to computers.

The forum now displays a message that both the domain and the website by the FBI, the European Cyber crime Centre of Europol (EC3) and international investigative agencies have been seized, as reported by Europol. According to the European Investigation forum would have 250 to 300 active users. "It Darkode forum was the place to go if you were an English-speaking cyber criminals," said Europol.

According to Europol director Rob Wainwright of the investigation services, the operation will have a great impact on the "underground" economy. "It is also a clear message that shielded forums cyber criminals offer no protection and are not beyond the reach of justice," he further noted.

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