Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Recent Silverlight Leak Targeted By Cyber Criminals

It is not only vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player cyber criminals to infect computers with malware, users also need to watch Microsoft Silverlight, according to a security researcher. A vulnerability in the video plug-in that Microsoft in May by Security Bulletin MS15-044 patched is now being actively attacked by exploit kits, according to researcher ' JuK 'of the blog Malware Do not Need Coffee.

Once users with a vulnerable version a hacked or malicious website or visit an infected ad get to see the computer can become infected with malware. However, the question is how effective is attacking outdated Silverlight versions. Both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome Block obsolete video plug-in fact. In addition, Microsoft announced that Silverlight in the new Edge browser in Windows 10 will not support .

On the other hand, there are still users who do not install Windows Updates and therefore at risk of being attacked. Anti-virus company Trend Micro stated that Internet users last year, most via Adobe Flash Player, Internet Explorer and Silverlight were attacked and this year there have been several attacks discovered that unpatched Silverlight versions were targeted.

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