Thursday, 9 July 2015

Popcorn Time Warns Consumers For False Sites

The popular video streaming service for movies and TV series Popcorn Time has users warned of the "competition" that offer scams, not working programs and even malware. Popcorn Time can be found on various websites, including and .

The original software was created by a group of developers from Argentina, who last March stopped it. A number of other development teams decided to take the original source code and themselves develop. This "forks" but are still under the name Popcorn Time. Thus, on offered a free open source version of the original Popcorn Time. Another variant of Popcorn Time is via to download.

Now warns however there are numerous websites that are almost identical in appearance to the website of but contain advertisements or pay a monthly amount. According to the developers, the "Popcorn Time" brand by many malicious characters used to make money. It may involve websites that offer non-working software, but some of these sites distribute malware. Therefore, the developers have put some links online so consumers can check whether they are in the right website. In addition, there is also created a flow diagram which should help in making the right choice.

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