Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Internet Again Exposed To Contaminated Ads

In recent weeks several popular websites appeared infected ads, making the potential for at least 10 million Internet users have run risk of infection. The actual number of people that the received ads to see infected and as a consequence thereof became infected is not known. The ads pointed to a copy of the Angler Exploitkit.

This exploitkit tries users silently through vulnerabilities in popular software such as Adobe Flash Player to infect with malware. It regularly happens that the ads or exploits are displayed only to visitors from certain countries. In case the infected advert appears the attack can only succeed if the visitor uses the attacked software or browser plug-in instance is not up to date.

The sites where the ads would appear according to statistics from security Cyphort SimilarWeb and get at least 10 million visitors per month. The most popular websites showing the infected ads were found in Vietnam, Greece, Indonesia and Thailand. Earlier this month, the ads were also found on the Japanese edition of the Huffington Post. Earlier this year warned Cyphort even for infected ads on popular websites. Even when it came to the Huffington Post.

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