Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Linux Developer Not Afraid Of Artificial Intelligence

The developer of the Linux kernel Linus Torvalds is not afraid of artificial intelligence (AI), he said in an interview with readers of the news site Slashdot let you know. In recent months, told several celebrities, including Bill Gates , Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk that they are very concerned about creating artificial intelligence.

Musk even called it the greatest threat to humanity. He therefore decided $ 10 million to allocate to hold artificial intelligence "useful". During the interview on Slashdot Torvalds was asked whether he was also worried about AI. "I just do not see why I should be afraid," he replied. According to Torvalds, the man will eventually create artificial intelligence, but it will need training. It will not be a rules-based program. In that regard, it will Artificial Intelligence, therefore, not as "reliable" as is the case with traditional computers, notes the Linux developer.

This makes it of interest to him, but also more difficult to use. Torvalds expects more targeted artificial intelligence, or AI that people will like. The " singularity , "where computers are getting smarter and create new models that are smarter again until they are more intelligent than humans, he designates as science fiction. "It's science fiction, and not even very good."Instead of infinite exponential growth, he expects more something that will resemble Moore's Law.

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