Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hacking Team Had Zero Day Vulnerabilities For Windows And Flash

The Italian developer of government spyware Hacking Team had zero day vulnerabilities for Windows and Adobe Flash Player, according to the files that were stolen from the company. Yesterday published attackers a file of about 400GB with all sorts of information that was captured by Hacking Team.

The files have now discovered two vulnerabilities for which no security update available yet, says security researcher The Grugq . It is a vulnerability in Windows that allows an attacker can increase his rights on the system. In this case, the attacker must already have access to the computer in order to use the leak. The second vulnerability is in Adobe Flash Player. Through this vulnerability, an attacker computers or completely take over, for example, when users visit a hacked or malicious website.

The embedded Flash Player in Google Chrome is vulnerable. According to security researcher Kevin Beaumont makes the leak is possible to escape from the sandbox of Chrome. Researcher Rik van Duijn of security Dear Bytes however, leaves know that a sandbox escape "through the published code is not possible and therefore a second exploit is required. Hacking Team, which develops spyware for government agencies, has in statement confirming that it has been hacked. "We think there are documents of the company have been stolen. We have launched an investigation to determine the extent of the attack and to determine what exactly is captured," said a spokesman. The company's website has been offline since yesterday.


The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) government has a warning issued for the flaw in Flash Player. Through the leak, an attacker execute arbitrary code on the computer with the rights of the logged in user. The NCSC states that there is no update available for the leak yet.

Update 13:48

The attack on Hacking Team is claimed by the hacker who last year by spyware developer Gamma International managed to break in and there gigabytes of data was captured, says Vice Magazine . The hacker says soon come up with the details of how he managed to break into Hacking Team.

Update 15:09

Anti-virus company Symantec confirms that this is a zero-day vulnerability in the latest version of Flash Player. The virus firefighter expects that attackers will probably make use of the vulnerability.

Update 15:19

The CERT Coordination Center (CERT / CC) at Carnegie Mellon University warns also the vulnerability and says that users can protect themselves by installing Microsoft EMET unreliable or not Flash content to perform.

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