Monday, 13 July 2015

Ads Malware Via Flash Player Flaw

Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player last Wednesday by Adobe was patched is now attacked by infected ads. It is the first flaw in Flash Player that were found in the stolen data of the Italian Hacking Team.

According to anti-virus firm Malwarebytes there since the discovery of this vulnerability an increase in attacks on Internet users through so-called drive-by downloads. In this case, Internet users become infected through unpatched software, which only visiting a malicious or hacked website or see getting an infected ad is sufficient. One reason for the increase in the number of attacks is that many users their Flash Player version have not yet patched, said analyst Jerome Segura.


Meanwhile, the leak will also be attacked by infected ads. The way this is done is remarkable, says Segura. This primarily concerns a Flash ad that loads another Flash file containing the exploit for the Flash Player leak. The use of contaminated advertentes is much more common, but in most cases advertisements pointing to another website that the user attempts to attack.

The infected ad came from the DirectRev ad network and offered directly from the ad network server. In case the attack is successful, the Kovter malware is installed. Kovter can use computers to commit fraud ad (click fraud) or install ransomware.The malware was recently still in the news because the vulnerable versions of Flash Player on infected computers patches, to keep other malware on the computer outdoors.

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