Saturday, 11 July 2015

Botnet Firefighter Destroys Petabytes Of Hard Disk Drives With Drill

For permanently erasing hard drives is often the free open source program DBAN recommended, but for organizations with large amounts of hard disks can be very laborious. It is also possible that the hard drive has failed and is no longer so clear.

The Netherlands-based Shadow Server Foundation, an organization dedicated to the fight against botnets, recently had to destroy a petabyte of failed hard drives. Since the organization mainly depends on sponsors and donations, enabling a company was to let the hard disks fee not destroy seen as a good expense.

The solution was for less than 360 euros a drill, a holder, drills, bought a broom and dustbin. Subsequently drill holes in all hard drives. "Maybe it was not the best method to spend our time and holes, it solved our problem to clean up a petabyte hard disks," the organization a number of photos put online by the operation.

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